About Us



The Central Oregon Parkinson’s Council was founded in 2010 by Sharon and Brendan Adams when Brendan was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Seeing their own desperate need for information, they asked a local Bend neurologist to work with them to address the lack of education and resources available in Central Oregon. Then they made a call to Parkinson’s Resources of Oregon (PRO) who encouraged them to form a “Council”. That’s when their friends and family joined them.


Current Focus

Our collaboration with PRO has consisted of: Primarily offering monthly peer-led support groups (one of which is for caregivers only); A second focus has been providing a variety of ongoing events and activities to patients and family members, such as Table Tennis, Tai Chi, Dance, Brain Fitness, and more; A third focus has been bringing education to Central Oregon –Topics we’ve offered include “Advanced Stage Parkinson’s Disease,” “PD for the Newly Diagnosed,” and “Deep Brain Stimulation surgery”, and “Acupuncture benefits”; Finally, we’ve been reaching out to care providers by bringing them resources and information to assist them in Central Oregon.


COPC: Mission Statement

COPC:  The Central Oregon Parkinson’s Council (COPC) empowers People with Parkinson’s Disease (PWP), their family and friend care partners to attain their maximum potential for active living with direct support by PRO and other organizations; and through medical care providers in Central Oregon and beyond.